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Cooking Labs at Home

Every student in my cooking classes will be expected to prepare dishes at home 2 time a week and complete the Cooking Lab Form to receive credit for participation.
There is going to be a lot of flexibility around ingredients that are used and how the dishes are prepared. I will provide recipe suggestions each week for each class and I'm hoping these home labs will be fun and helpful for the family. 
Please contact me if you are unable to cook at this time or have questions about filling out the form.

Cooking Lab Grades in HAC

Just a quick message about cooking labs grades in HAC.The cooking lab scores don't necessarily line up with the actual week that the lab was assigned.This is due to the fact that many students are making alternative recipes or making recipes out of order.That is all fine, but makes it very hard to grade. What is most important is that students get graded for the total amount of labs completed. Each lab is worth 25 points. So, next time you check your grade on HAC, make sure you have points for all of your completed labs, but don't worry so much about which week it falls under.We are so close to the finish line!Happy cooking!-Ms. Lucir

Class Codes for Google Classroom

If you are registered for one of my cooking classes, please subscribe to the linked google classroom and type in the code. 
Beginning Foods: 6jgey7p
Baking and Pastry: rskjbgg
Latin American Cuisine: qguf3ug
Culinary Arts: w2j37ml
Lucir's Team: mbw6s2u

Grades in HAC and student interaction

Hey culinary folks,
I have transferred grades from google classroom to HAC, so it is easier to see what you have turned in and what assignments are missing. Please check your grades and let me know if you have any questions.
Also, there are a few people I have not made a connection with yet.
If you are in a cooking class, you need to reach out to me and let me know if you are accessing the assignments. If you plan on removing cooking from your schedule, please contact a counselor and let them know as soon as possible.

Zoom Meeting Times

Beginning Foods: Tuesdays at 11am, Thursdays at 2pm
Baking and Pastry: Wednesdays at 11am, Fridays at 2pm
Latin American Cuisine: Mondays at 2pm, Thursdays at 11am
Culinary Arts: Tuesdays 2pm, Fridays at 11am
Links for Zoom meeting and Kahoot review games will be posted a few minutes before the meeting on Google Classroom

Kahoot Review Games

I have created a Kahoot game for almost anything to do with cooking! Check class announcements for scheduled class Kahoot games. A game pin will be sent out during the weekly video meetup. Please use your real names to get participation points.
Make sure you have the Kahoot app in advance and follow this link to fill in the game pin: https://kahoot.it/

Coronavirus tips: How to grocery shop safely during COVID-19 pandemic

One of the few reasons we should leave the house during this time of social distancing is to buy groceries. Shopping can feel like a daunting task if you have anxiety about catching the virus from other shoppers or from simply picking up a can of soup and placing it in your cart. There are steps you can take to shop as safely as possible.