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Cheer Coach:
Raquel Cope
REGISTER FOR FALL CHEER:  Join the cheer family & spread school spirit!  Current 9th-11th graders you can "register" to make the team for JCHS
Cheer because "Tryouts" are not allowed at this time.  There is also a "FALL CHEER INFO
MEETING" on Thursday, June 4, 7pm.  Register to get the Zoom link.  Open the pdf file to "Sign Up" by
June 10.  There are still unknowns about Fall Cheer but sign up to get
the latest updates.  Got any questions? Contact Coach Raquel Cope at 541-760-6606 or

Fight, Junction Fight
You know that we'll win tonight
Although the odds be against us
We'll fight with all our might
Fight, fight, fight
On Tiger Team
You're coming in on the beam
Oh, Junction High will be victorious
We'll win this game