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If you are wondering how a little tiny, can't even be seen virus can possibly change our world so radically, well Health is where you find some of those answers, funny enough!  We do actually teach about the immune system and how these little buggers are spread and make us so sick.  But, we will get to that later!
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Weekly Class Schedule

All classes will be operating as a check-in the first Zoom session of the week.  I will be helping students troubleshoot problems in their Edgenuity class as well as monitoring % progress.  The second Zoom session will be a more detailed dive into some of the topics we would've regularly covered in our traditional class model.

Problems getting Zoom links

If you are not getting zoom links it is because:
     a.  you subscribed to the class with your .net email instead of your personal            email.
     b.  you haven't subscribed to the class yet at all.
Please click on subscribe and use your Personal Email to subscribe to the class.  The .net school issued email addresses are not working.  So, when I send the link the night before it has no where to go or be delivered to.  Please subscribe tonight.