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Mrs. Buenau's Home Page

Congratulations, you have found Mrs. Buenau's Math and Computer Science classes!
As we begin our adventure this 2020-21 school year, Comprehensive Distance Learning is our starting point. I look forward to being able to be back with students, once we have met the metrics to be in school together. Until then, will continue learning math and new technologies together from a distance. Please have patience with me (as I will with you) as we navigate the changing regulations while keeping our families and community safe.  
Students will access the content of their classes through Google Classroom, using their school login to "join" the class. Once in the Classroom, students will find the link for our Zoom meeting under the General Information Topic. You can also find a link to a Remind class under the same topic.
Buenau's class schedule:
Period 1 - 9th Grade Success
Period 2 - Computer Fundamentals
Period 3 - Algebra 1A
Period 4 - SASS
Period 5 - Algebra 2A
It was a pleasure to meet my TEAM families and students at the Materials Distribution! I look forward to getting to you better and helping support the students reach graduation and beyond in the next four years. :)


April 27 - May 1 Update

Well done all!
I have been impressed with how students (and their families) are adjusting and finding ways to continue your education while not physically at school. I know not everyone is there yet, but don't worry, you will get there, or at least you will get to a place that works for your situation. Just an FYI, my own kids had a day (OK, maybe two) last week where no school work got done. Some work may/or may not happen, we will adjust, and together find new ways forward. 
Weekly Zoom meeting times are listed on Mrs. Buenau's Home Page and the links are listed in each individual Google Classroom. Each class can expect an email update, individualized for your class, which will give a more specific information.
I greatly appreciate all the conversations I have had and emails I have received about student progress and challenges. Please continue to reach out with your needs, challenges and successes. I am here to support you/your student's success in this Distance Learning environment. 

April 20 - 24 Update

Congratulations on making it to Week 2 of Distance Learning. Many of you were able to find a way to complete all of the assigned work. If you were not able to, it is OK, we are still figuring out how this distance learning will work for each of us. My expectation is that you will either complete and turn in the work, or contact me so I can better understand the challenges you are facing and come up with a plan that will work for you.
Reminder 1: This Friday, April 24th, will be a regular school day. If you have a class meeting scheduled for that day, it will happen as planned. 
Please see the schedule of virtual meeting times and a more specific weekly schedule on your individual class page. I will spend part of each virtual meeting going over the content for each section, followed by questions. If you have already completed the section, then you are not expected to attend, except to say hello. I'm going to have the first 5 mins be a check-in with general information/greetings and I will have a Random Question of the Day for you to answer. If you are not able to attend a virtual meeting, you are expected to email me your progress and/or questions. If people are interested, we could plan mini-group meetings for those who would like a more in-depth explanation or to review previous sections.

Week 0: Survey & Technology Introduction

This coming week, April 6 - 10th, aka Week 0, we will begin work in classes. This work will be introductory and/or review to prepare you for the content you will be learning in class. The assignments for Mrs. Buenaus' classes will be posted in Google Classroom. This week they will include a survey and some content for you to engage with. Please join the Google Classroom for your class and see the Stream and Assignment list for what you need to complete. 
We will also trial the first virtual meetings for classes and explore what we find useful and what we may want to change. This is a time of trials, both easy and challenging, and there will be a LOT of learning. Learning can be hard and sometimes frustrating, so remember to be patient with yourself and each other.
We are TIGERS and we will get through this TOGETHER!

General Weekly Schedule

As an FYI, here is the GENERAL class schedule for virtual meetings for next week. Specific meeting times for a class may vary

Class Meetings              AM                             PM

Period One                     Monday                       Wednesday

Period Two                     Tuesday                      Thursday

Period Three                  Wednesday                 Friday

Period Four                    Thursday                     Monday

Period Five                     Friday                          Tuesday