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Hey you found me!  
Ok I am using Google Classroom for all classes; here is the list links to join whichever class you might need: 
1st Period: 10th Success and Seminar;  Google Classroom code r7pjkuk
Yes, it is a little different from last year.
2nd Period: Citizenship; Google Classroom code  4yzhzlz
3rd Period: Citizenship; Google Classroom code   iak2tlk
4th Period: 9th Grade History in Film; Google Classroom code  ve5vbx5  
This has a different set of films than what is in the 11th and 12th class. Parent permission is still needed but there are only films rated PG-13 and lower in this class. 
5th Period: 11th and 12th History in Film; Google Classroom code 4vjy2nl  
There is parent permission needed to participate in this class as a number of films are "R" rated. Please see the class syllabus. 
'Office Hours' will be between 1:00 and 2:00-ish or after the end of 5th period until I leave the building and will be considered first come, first served at
Contact me through Google or email or during class if you are wanting a specific time.  
One more thing: If you have not signed off on the Technology User agreement form you need to do that either click in the box to the right or here is the link (hopefully this still works as it is from last spring)
Contacting me:  (yes it's up in the upper right corner by my name too)
I will be checking email daily and will get back to you promptly. Through Google Classroom also works.
Link to online Parent Teacher Conferences on October 29th.