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Junction City High School: The Power of Activities

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Why are activities and athletics so important to the students of Junction City High School and why should you support these programs? Hear from the students that have benefited from these programs and why your support is so vital to their success. Special thanks to Steve Barth Media Productions, Dawn Marie Photography, the JCHS Yearbook Staff, Matt Waddell, Andrea Alexander, Doug Barrett, Jody Kister, and Carol Puderbaugh.
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  • How to Subscribe to Teacher's Online Classes4:12 How to Subscribe to Teacher's Online Classes

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  • Band Class - April 14 - For student's who missed Tuesday's class.18:11 Band Class - April 14

    If you missed today's meeting, please watch the video above, participate in the activities, and touch base with me via email or text afterwards.

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  • Choir Class Attendance Make-up10:46 Choir Class - April 22nd or 23rd - Attendance Make-up

    This video is for anyone who missed Choir April 22nd or 23rd.
    Please watch and participate along with the video and then email me the THREE attendance words.
    That will make-up your attendance this week.

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  • 9:40 Band Class - April 21st - Attendance Make-up

    This is for students who missed the Band Zoom meeting this week.
    If you would like points for this week, please watch and participate with this short video.
    Send me an email with the THREE attendance words that are spread throughout the video.
    That will count as your attendance for this week.

    Reminder: please sign up for sectionals if you haven't already done so.

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    This video is for anyone who missed the April 17th class. Please watch the whole video. There are TWO (not 3!) attendance words that you need to tell me once you've watched the video. Please email those TWO words so I can count you present for the week.

    (As a side: I said "three words" at the beginning and then forgot to say the first no! You're not crazy, I just plain forgot to say it!)

    Look for next week's videos and questions on Edlio by Sunday night!

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