Virtual Choir Info- The Old Mill

Hi everyone!
Within the next few days please upload your video to the following Google Drive folder:
As a reminder, here are the steps to record and post your video:
1. Access the Dropbox folder for choir and click on the "Virtual Choir Tracks" folder.
2. Practice singing with your part. (Remember nice vowels and strong tone!)
3. Open the webcam/camera on your computer/laptop or the video on your phone.
4. PLUG IN YOUR HEADPHONES! (I should only hear your voice in the recording! No music!)
5. Press record and sing your part for The Old Mill.
6. Once you're done, the file will save to your files or to your camera roll (phone).
7. Upload the video to the Google Drive folder above!
If you have any issues, please let me know ASAP. My email is
This project is for every Choir member from 2nd trimester.