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I have set up a sign up sheet for conferences (Thursday next week, 10/29). Please let me know if this doesn't work!
All conferences are virtual and in 10 minute slots. You should not have to set up an account to access teachers' schedules and you should be able to just choose the slots that work for you. Please give yourself time between zoom meetings to leave and then join another meeting. Back to back slots might not work well.
I will also post this link and information on Edlio.
I hope to see you next week!
Here is the link for the sign ups


We will not be using Edlio this fall. You will need to go to my Google Classroom as we begin this trimester. 
We will start with zoom meetings on Monday, 21 September. I can hardly wait to see you!

Extra Help

My last times for extra help sessions are:
Wednesday 9:30 to 10:30  and MAYBE from 2 to 3:30 (I might have another meeting but I think it was canceled)
Here is the link
Haven has help sessions on the following days and times:
Haven has set up the following times:
Thu, Jun 11 1:00-3
Fri, Jun 12 1:00-3
Mon, Jun 15 1:00-3
Tue, Jun 16 1:00-3

Haven’s zoom link:

Meeting ID: 994 1424 3404
Password: 1N6kGs

Extra help time Thursday, 4 June

I have a 1 pm meeting. It will probably last until 2 pm.
I will open the help time as soon as the meeting is done.
I will be available until 3:30 today.
 Use the same link as the other help times.

Extra hours for help

Here are my open office hours for the next week. If you need help in any subject, please contact me. 

These hours are subject to change if I have others meetings scheduled that I don't at this time know about!

The link for my extra help times is the same as it has been:
6/2 Tuesday possibly 10-10:45 (depending on end time of the staff meeting)
6/3 Wednesday 9:30-10:45 

6/4 Thursday possibly 10 to 10:45 and 2 to 3 (dependent on other meetings ending on time) 
6/5 Friday: furlough day; no access

If you want help with a math test, contact Ms GW for a lunch time slot (12 to 12:50).

If you want help with other tests, go to one of Haven’s times (she is better at Language Arts and Social Studies than I am!)
Here are Haven's times and link:
Tuesday 6/4: 1 - 3
Friday, 6/5: 1-3
Monday, 6/8: 1-3
Tuesday, 6/9: 1-3
Friday 6/12: 1-3
The link to get in to her help sessions:

Change to Google class

You need to subscribe to the google class now that I am moving into that. This is the only way you are going to keep getting notifications.

Extra help times

I will be available to help you at the following times this week. Math is the priority but I will help with other classes if there is no one needing math help.
10 to 10:45  am on Monday 5/18, Tuesday 5/19, Wednesday 5/20, Thursday 5/21, Tuesday 5/26, Wednesday 5/27
2-3 pm on Friday 5/22 and Friday 5/29

Math Classes ( pd 2 and 3)Times and Links

Class will "meet" on the following days.
Pd 2: Tuesdays at 11 am and Thursdays at 1 pm
Pd 3: Wednesdays at 11 am and Fridays at 1 pm
Pd 2 students may join during pd 3 times and vice versa. 
The process for class is
1) You are to watch the videos and/or review the notes before class.
2) You are to do the practice before class.
3) In class we will go over the work and answer questions.