Past Principals' Messages

Principal: Dina Marschall
Associate Principal: Justin Corey

September 27,2021


The thrill of another start to a school year was even more exciting this year as students were starting in person.  While we continue to have safety measures in place,masks and distancing, it is a small price to pay to be back to what would be closer to normal; a real schedule!  Teachers finished up orientation and were ready to rock on the 7th.

The entire staff at JCHS has embraced the care and connection of our students.  We know the adjustment back to full days and in person will require some getting used to, but we are here for each and every student.  Staff have used PLC and other meeting times to develop plans to support students.  We will be working to create and or strengthen the connections and relations with students, which we feel will be reflected in increased attendance and better outcomes in classes.  In the past week we have unveiled our new STRIPES form.  This form allows each staff member to quickly send a note to both the student and those in the contact list recognizing any of our STRIPES; Spirited, Tenacious, Responsible, Inclusive, Purposeful, Empathetic, and Sincere.  In less than a week more than 60 of these forms have been filled out which could be as many as 220 emails to students and families saying, “Hey, thank you for being you!”  We will continue to look for ways to take our student recognition to the next level.  We’ve also put a number of banners and signs up throughout the building promoting our STRIPES.    

Speaking of spirited, we wish you could have all seen the student section at the volleyball game against Elmira on Tuesday.  The large group was loud, animated, and exciting!  That is just one example of our students embracing and supporting each other in their endeavors.  Our teams; Cross-Country, Boys and Girls Soccer, Volleyball, Robotics, and Football are in full swing and we encourage people to come out and support our student athletes and participants.  The JCHS cheer team has been busy helping at each of our three assemblies we’ve had this month as well as supporting teams at competitions.

The leadership team, under the guidance of Cindy Bandow, has worked tirelessly to put our three assemblies together as well as Noise Night.  Many community members were able to watch the class floats make their way through downtown and back to the high school for the real action.  A shout out to the Junction City Fire Department, Junction City Police Department, Junction City Public Works, as well as the City of Junction City for their help in this tradition returning to our school community.  The floats, 9th grade - 50s, 10th grade - 60s, 11th grade - 80s, and 12th grade - 70s, were well done and fun to watch parade through town.  The field events that followed were filled with smiles and laughter culminating with the participant's favorite slip n slide.  This year Coach Wall and Brian Young hit the visqueen!  We hope they could both walk the next day.

Classrooms are full of action.  In Lewis’ biology classes are lab testing unknowns for the presence of biomolecules.  PE has been workin’ up a sweat, students are sharing their own entrepreneurial  endeavors in Schultz’s Intro to Business, and students are snapping thousands of pictures in digital photography.  We have a great group of students and staff working hard within their curriculum.    

  One of the best life skills we can develop in our students is resiliency and a growth mindset.  Couple this with work ethic, a heart for others, a sense of community, and knowledge to produce citizens that we can all be proud of.  This is our journey.  The path may look a bit different at the moment, but it still leads us to success.  An enormous thank you to all those that have helped us get this year started; Board Members, District Office staff, Tech staff, Custodians, Teachers, Instructional Assistants, Bus Drivers, and students and families.  There are challenges every year and this year certainly has had a few, but it is going to be a great year!


















































Dina Marschall - Principal

Justin Corey - Assoc. Principal
Junction City High School

Junction City, OR 97448



September 2, 2021


Dear JCHS Students and Families,
We are excited to start the 21-22 school year on Tuesday, September 7th. If a student does not yet have their schedule, they should come to the front office to request a copy.
We have a new bell schedule this year with later start and end times. School begins each day at 8:25 AM and is dismissed at 3:20 PM.
Each day, the building will open for student entry at 8:00 AM. We ask that students enter the building through the door closest to their destination. If they are starting their morning with breakfast in the cafeteria, they should enter through the Science Entrance, otherwise, entering through the door closest to their first period class is appreciated.
State guidance requires that all students and staff will need to wear a mask indoors. We ask also that students maintain 3 feet physical distance from others, and practice hand hygiene by washing hands or using hand sanitizer regularly. We will visually screen students entering the building for signs of illness, and ask that students not come to school if they are ill.
We look forward to seeing all of our students first thing Tuesday!
Dina and Justin

Queridos Estudiantes y Familias de JCHS,
Estamos emocionados por comenzar el año escolar 21-22 el martes, 7 de septiembre. Si su estudiante aún no tiene su horario, deben de ir a la oficina principal para solicitar una copia.
Tenemos un nuevo horario este año con unas horas de entrada y salida más tarde. Cada día las clases comienzan a las 8:25 AM y se despiden a las 3:20 PM.
Cada día, el edificio abrirá para la entrada de los estudiantes a las 8:00 AM. Les pedimos a los estudiantes entrar al edificio por la puerta más cercana de su destino. Si están comenzando su mañana con desayuno en la cafetería, deben de entrar por la Entrada de Ciencia, sin embargo, se le agradecería si entra por la puerta más cercana a su clase del primer periodo.
La guía del estado requiere que todos los estudiantes y el personal se pongan un cubre boca dentro del edificio. También les pedimos que los estudiantes mantengan un distanciamiento físico de 3 pies entre otros, y que practiquen lavarse las manos o usar desinfectante de manos regularmente. Visualmente evaluaremos a los estudiantes entrando al edificio para ver señales de enfermedades, y pedirles a los estudiantes que no vayan a la escuela si están enfermos.
¡Esperamos ver a todos nuestros estudiantes el martes!
Dina Marschall y Justin Corey




JCHS - August 2021


             Ms. Marschall and Mr. Corey would like to welcome all of our students and staff back for what will be a fantastic 2021-2022 school year here at Junction City High School.


             You will see some new faces this year.  We welcome Nathan Westerby as our new PE teacher and Head Wrestling coach, Tino Dwarokowski Digital Arts/Media/and Publications, Sarai Pozos as a Grad Coach, Aaron Klein will be the counselor for 10th and 12th graders, Jason Koch in Art, Kyle Peden will be our Dean of Students, Thomas Curtis and Gavin Marschall Custodial, Danielle Tesch, and Lisa Moore as our Head Secretary!  This is a great group of professionals eager to join a tremendous team!


             Our first day of school will be Tuesday, September 7th with the first period starting at 8:25.  Incoming 9th graders will get an opportunity to explore campus, meet their new teachers, and work with Leadership students during 9th Grade Orientation on Thursday, September 2nd from 9am-Noon.  Thanks to the many Leadership students who have volunteered to give up time at the end of their summer break to make our 9th graders have a tremendous transition to high school.


             As noted above, we do have a different start time this year, 8:25am.  So be sure you plan accordingly.  We will also be returning to open campus for lunch.  Please also be mindful of your time so you are back for classes safely.  This also means we have a slight change to the end of the day as well; 3:20pm. 


             We thank all the staff who signed up and worked with students to earn credits this summer as well as the team supporting students during the Summer Bridge program.  Additionally,  a shout out to the entire custodial staff for the hard work cleaning and preparing spaces for our returning students. 


             Fall sports are underway; Football Jamboree will be Friday August 27th, Boys and Girls Soccer and Volleyball August 31st, and Cross Country on September 4th.  Join a team or come support your TIGERS! Mark your calendars for Fall Sports Parent night August 24th and the annual JCHS Noise Parade (during Homecoming week) on Wednesday, September 22nd.  The parade will begin at 7:00pm, with Noise Night Activities under the lights at Peden Field immediately after.


             Once again, we are so thankful to the many churches and volunteers from Project Hope that gave up a Saturday to come and help beautify district buildings and outdoor spaces.  Their help and contribution of physical labor is only part of their support.  The time spent getting clothing and school supplies to families before school starts is so appreciated we can’t thank them enough.   Thank you!


             We will continue to emphasize that Every Day Matters.  What you do does matter.  The choices you make every day does matter.  We are here to help you build skills that will make you successful, because YOU MATTER!  Be at school every day, be engaged every day, and work hard and you’ll reach success. 




Dina Marschall and Justin Corey

Junction City High School

1135 W. 6th Ave.

Junction City, OR 97448


Co-Principals: Brian Young & Dina Marschall


March 18, 2021

Dear JCHS Students and  Families,

We are excited to announce our plan to expand in-person learning opportunities for JCHS students when we return from Spring Break on March 29th.  We are so incredibly proud of our students, and want to acknowledge their outstanding efforts to follow the many health and safety protocols in place since our return to in-person learning last month.  These efforts have made it possible for us to move forward with our plans for increased in-person learning time third trimester.

All students with an in-person schedule for trimester 3 will attend classes at Junction City High School on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays each week.  Wednesdays will remain asynchronous through the end of the school year, and will provide time for students to meet virtually with their TEAM class, as well as complete work independently in Google Classroom.  Additionally, teachers will be available for student support during scheduled office hours throughout the day.  Office hour times will be communicated to students by each teacher and links posted in their Google classroom. A limited number of students also may be provided with additional academic support on asynchronous Wednesdays- either in person or virtually.

When we return from Spring Break on March 29th, students may arrive on campus as early as 8:35 am and will be allowed to enter the building at 8:40 am.  The bell schedule is included with this communication and will also be posted to our website. Trimester 3 schedules will be available to students outside of the Counseling Center Entrance on March 29th; after picking up their schedule, students should enter the building through the entrance assigned to their first period teacher.  Upon entry, students will be asked to use available hand sanitizer and go directly to their first period class.

All students will continue to be required to wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth while at school, on school grounds, and on district transportation.  Students will be expected to stay 6 feet apart to the greatest extent possible, and all classrooms have been set up to allow for 35 square feet of space for each person in the classroom.  Students will eat lunch on campus (no open campus) with their 3rd period classmates, in an assigned location- such as one of the collaboration spaces or specific assigned classrooms. Students will not have lockers and will need to bring everything to school in backpacks, including their chromebook if one has been checked out to them. At school, there will be limited sharing of supplies between students. To help minimize the spread of the virus, our drinking fountains will not be accessible, however, our bottle filling stations will be available.  We encourage all students to bring a filled, reusable water bottle from home.  If you would like to see what the safety protocols will look like, check out our return to in-person learning video at the following address:

Sick at School:

To ensure everyone stays safe at school and in order to minimize the need to return to Comprehensive Distance Learning should a COVID-19 outbreak require us to close to in-person learning, we implore you to keep your child home if they have any cold symptoms. Our guidance from the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) requires that we identify, isolate and send students home if they are sick. If your student is showing the following symptoms they need to be kept home: cough, fever, chills, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or loss of taste or smell. Additionally, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, new nasal congestion and runny nose are also symptoms often associated with COVID-19 and we ask that students stay home if experiencing any of these. We will continue to conduct visual screenings of all students prior to entry into the building.   

Based on ODE Ready Schools Safe Learners Guidance,  we are required to offer COVID-19 testing, if operating an On-Site or Hybrid Instructional Model, located in a county that does not meet the advisory metrics.  We must offer access to on-site testing for symptomatic students and staff identified on campus, as well as those with known exposures to individuals with COVID-19 under the guidance of Lane County Public Health. Students may only be tested with a signed consent form on file.  This testing will only be available to students and staff.  Please consider completing the form linked here Consent for Onsite Testing Form.   You can either print and return to Sonya Bennett in the main office, or fill out electronically and return via email to [email protected].  

Asynchronous Wednesdays: 

Wednesdays will continue to be asynchronous school days through the end of the school year. TEAM class meetings will continue to be virtual and will take place from 9:00-9:30 am each Wednesday.  Students with JCHS schedules, as well as those with JC Options schedules, are expected to participate in TEAM class each week by joining the class meeting virtually and completing assigned work.  Following TEAM class meetings, students will access the Google classroom(s) associated with each of their scheduled classes in order to access the assigned activities for the day. Students will also have the ability to check in with their teachers on Wednesdays during the scheduled Office Hour for each teacher.  Times and links will be posted in the Google Classroom for each class.   


  • School will start at 9:00 am and end at 2:30 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  


  • Lunch time and location will be determined by each student’s 3rd period class.  
  • 1st Lunch 11:00-11:35: ELA, SS, Arts
  • 2nd Lunch  11:55-12:30: Math, Science, CTE, Health, PE, Spanish

Student Building Entry and Exit:

  • Students will enter the building through one of five entrances if arriving prior to the start of 1st period, between 8:40 and 9:00 am.  The entrance each student will use, depends on the location of their first period class.
    • WW Parking Lot Back Entrance: Mills, Lucir
    • WW Parking Lot Front Entrance: Voutsikakis, Jameson, Leech, Stavros, J. Lee, Stahl, Nothum, Buenau
    • Counseling Entrance: JCO, B. Lee, Cherry, King, Bittle, Bandow, Henderson, Limbo
    • Athletic Entrance: Doughty, Pizzuto 
    • Science Entrance:  Southwick, Bell, Brougher, Lewis, Gillow-Wiles, Shultz, Johnson, Curtis, Shelley ,Robbins

  • Students will exit the building through one of five exits when dismissed from their 5th period class at 2:30 pm.  The exit each student will use, depends on the location of their 5th period class.
    • WW Parking Lot Back Entrance: Mills, Lucir
    • WW Parking Lot Front Entrance: Voutsikakis, Jameson, Leech, Stavros, J. Lee, Stahl, Nothum, Buenau
    • Counseling Entrance: JCO, B. Lee, Cherry, King, Bittle, Bandow, Henderson, Limbo
    • Athletic Entrance: Doughty, Pizzuto 
    • Science Entrance:  Southwick, Bell, Brougher, Lewis, Gillow-Wiles, Shultz, Johnson, Curtis, Shelley ,Robbins
  • Students arriving after 9:00 am will enter the building through the Main Office.

  • Students exiting the building before 2:30 pm will exit through the Main Office.


  • We want families to be aware that physical distancing restrictions that were in place for transportation during LIPI are no longer in effect.  Except when feasible to have more space between students, students will be seated next to each other and buses will be operating at regular capacity.  Parents are encouraged to find alternate means of transportation, if at all possible, in order to reduce our numbers on the bus.  Face coverings are required on the bus, members of the same households are encouraged to sit together, and students should dress warmly as windows or hatches will be open to increase ventilation.

General Information:

  • Face Coverings: Students will be required to wear face coverings that cover their mouth and nose at all times while at school, on school grounds, and on district transportation.  Current guidance does not allow for a face shield alone or for a single layer gaiter style covering.  A face shield may be worn in combination with a fabric face covering.  Gaiter style face coverings may be worn if double layered.  Please have your students practice wearing a face covering and ensure that their mask fits (covers nose and mouth). If a student forgets their mask we will provide one for them.  

  • Water Bottles: Please encourage your child to bring a filled water bottle to school as our drinking fountains will not be accessible.  Bottle filling stations will be available.

  • Technology: If your child has a district-issued chromebook, please plan for them to bring it to school with them.  Students should charge devices over night and bring their charger with them to school to use if needed.  There will be limited access to additional devices at school for those students who do not have a chromebook checked out to them at this time. Students are not encouraged or expected to bring personal devices to school, however, those who do choose to bring a personal device to campus, at their own risk, will have guest access to the district wifi.  

  • Dress Warm: windows on the bus and in the building may be open to increase airflow.


Please also plan for school pictures.  These are scheduled for both March 29th and 30th.  In-person students will be called for pictures with their class during the school day on Monday or Tuesday, JC Options students and any remote learners are invited to have pictures taken from 2-3:30 pm either day or by appointment. A picture day notice with information about ordering is included in the trimester 2 report card mailing.


We are excited to have students return to the building! To keep everyone safe and adhere to the safety protocols and guidance, our district has open positions for teachers and instructional assistants. If interested, please sign up for our substitute list and apply for open positions on the Junction City School District website.


Dina Marschall & Brian Young

Co-Principals, Junction City HS

Junction City High School: Trimester 3 Bell Schedule

  • All in-person students attend Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Asynchronous Wednesdays 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

7:30- 8:45 Teacher Prep (75 minutes)

8:45-9:00 Students Arrive, enter through assigned door, health screening

9:00- 9:50 Period 1 (50 minutes)

9:50-10:00 Escorted/Supervised Passing

10:00-10:50 Period 2 (50 minutes)

10:50-11:00 Escorted/Supervised Passing

11:00-11:50 Period 3 Math, Science, CTE, PE, Spanish (50 minutes)

11:55-12:30 2nd Lunch Math, Science, CTE, PE, Spanish (35 minutes)

11:00-11:35 1st Lunch ELA, SS, Arts, Health (35 minutes)

11:40-12:30 Period 3 ELA, SS, Arts, Health (50 minutes)

12:30-12:40 Escorted/Supervised Passing

12:40-1:30 Period 4  (50 minutes)

1:30-1:40 Escorted/Supervised Passing

1:40-2:30 Period 5 (50 minutes)

2:30 Escorted/Supervised Dismissal

2:30-3:30 Non Student, planning, meetings (60 minutes)


7:30- 8:45 Teacher Prep (75 minutes)

9:00-9:30 Virtual TEAM Meetings

9:20-3:00 Teacher Office Hours & Access to Asynchronous Work

Lunch Location by Teacher: Trimester 3

Based on 3rd Period Class

1st Lunch: 11:00-11:35

ELA, SS, Arts, Health (184)

2nd Lunch: 11:55-12:30

Math, Sci, CTE, PE, Span (181)

Jameson (13)- Cafeteria

Nothum (16)- Cafeteria

Leech (8)- Upstairs West Collaboration

Bandow (20)- WW Collaboration

Limbo (20) - WW Collaboration

Stahl (19) - Room 3

Lee (22)- Room 20

Cherry (21)- Room 30 Large Group

Bittle (7)- Commons

Henderson (19)- Room 12

Voutsikakis (19)- Upstairs Center Collaboration

Stavros (0)- NA

Shelley (18) - Upstairs Center Collaboration

Gillow Wiles (3) - Upstairs Center Collaboration

Curtis (8)- Rm 239

Johnson (9) - Rm 239

Buenau (17)- WW Collaboration

Doughty (26) - WW Collaboration

Shultz (14)- Upstairs West Collaboration

Lucir (20) - Cafeteria

Bell (10) - Cafeteria

King (5) - Room 30 Large Group

Lewis (9) - Room 30 Large Group

Brougher (13)- Room 137

Southwick (13) - Commons

Pizzuto (8) - Rm 3

Robbins (8) - Rm 3

Estimados Estudiantes y Familias, 

Estamos emocionados de anunciar nuestro plan para expandir la oportunidad de aprendizaje en persona para los estudiantes de JCHS cuando regresemos de las Vacaciones de la Primavera el 29 de marzo. Estamos muy orgullosos de nuestros estudiantes, y queremos reconocer sus esfuerzos increíbles de seguir los varios protocolos de salud y seguridad en orden desde nuestro regreso al aprendizaje en persona el mes pasado. Estos esfuerzos lo han hecho posible para nosotros para seguir adelante con nuestros planes para aumentar el tiempo de aprendizaje en persona para el tercer trimestre.  

Todos los estudiantes con un horario en persona para el trimestre 3 asistirán a clases en la Escuela Preparatoria de Junction City los lunes, martes, jueves, y viernes cada semana. Los miércoles se mantendrán asincrónicos a través del fin del año escolar, y proporciona tiempo para los estudiantes de reunirse virtualmente con su clase de TEAM, igual como completar tarea independientemente en Google Classroom. Así mismo, los maestros estarán disponibles para apoyar estudiantes durante sus horas de oficinas programadas a través del día. Las horas de horas de oficina se comunicarán a los estudiantes por cada maestro y los enlaces se publican en su Google Classroom. Un número limitado de estudiantes también se les puede proporcionar con apoyo académico asincrónico adicional  los miércoles - sea en persona o virtualmente. 

Cuando regresemos de las Vacaciones de la Primavera el 29 de marzo, los estudiantes pueden llegar al campus desde las 8:35 am y podrán entrar al edificio a las 8:40 am.  El horario escolar está incluido con esta comunicación y también se publicará en nuestro sitio web. Los horarios del Trimestre 3 estarán disponibles para los estudiantes fuera de la Entrada del Centro de Consejería el 29 de marzo; después de recoger su horario, los estudiantes deben entrar por la entrada designada para su primer periodo. Antes de entrar, se les pedirá a los estudiantes usar el desinfectante de manos e ir directamente a su clase de primer periodo. 

Todos los estudiantes continuarán de ser requeridos a ponerse un cubreboca que cubre su nariz y boca mientras esté en la escuela, en los terrenos escolares, y en el transporte del distrito. Se les espera a los estudiantes mantener 6 pies de distancia lo más que se pueda, y todos los salones de clases han sido organizados para permitir hasta 35 pies cuadrados de espacio para cada persona en el salón de clase. Los estudiantes almuerzan en el campus (no hay campus abierto) con sus compañeros del 3er periodo, en un lugar designado - tal como uno de los espacios de colaboración o salón de clase asignado. Los estudiantes no tendrán lockers y necesitarán traer todo a la escuela en sus mochilas, incluyendo su Chromebook si se les ha prestado uno. En la escuela, habrá un límite de compartir los útiles entre estudiantes. Para ayudar a reducir la expansión del virus, nuestras fuentes de agua no estarán disponibles, sin embargo, nuestra estación de llenar botellas estará disponible. Les animamos a todos los estudiantes a traer una botella de agua de casa. Si usted le gustaría ver los protocolos de seguridad, revise nuestro siguiente video de aprendizaje en persona:

Enfermo/a en la Escuela:

Para asegurar que todos se mantengan seguro en la escuela y para que reduzcamos la necesidad de regresar al Aprendizaje Comprensivo a Distancia si hay un brote de COVID-19 en que nos requiere de cerrar el aprendizaje en persona, les pedimos a usted que mantengan a su hijo/a en casa si tienen cualquier síntoma de resfriado.  Nuestra guía del Departamento de Educación de Oregon (ODE) y la Autoridad de Salud de Oregon (OHA) nos requiere de identificar, aislar, y enviar estudiantes a casa si están enfermos. Si su estudiante muestra los siguientes síntomas se necesitan mantener en casa: tos, escalofríos, falta de aire, dificultades para respirar o pérdida del gusto o del olfato. Así mismo, dolor muscular, dolor de cabeza, dolor de garganta, diarrea, náusea, vómito, nueva congestión nasal y goteo nasal también son síntomas frecuentemente asociados con COVID-19 y les pedimos a los estudiantes quedarse en casa si tienen algunos de estos. Continuaremos de conducir evaluaciones visuales de todos los estudiantes antes de entrar al edificio. 

Basado en la Guía de ODE Escuelas Preparadas Alumnos Seguros, estamos requeridos de ofrecer pruebas de COVID-19, si trabajamos En el Sitio o de Modelo Instruccional Híbrido, localizados en un condado que no cumple en las métricas consultivas. Debemos ofrecer acceso a las pruebas en el sitio para estudiantes sintomáticos y personal identificados en el campus, también a los que tuvieron exposición conocida a individuos con COVID-19 bajo la guía de Salud Pública del Condado de Lane. Los estudiantes solamente pueden tomar la prueba con un formulario de consentimiento firmado en el archivo.  Estas pruebas solamente estarán disponibles a los estudiantes y personal. Favor de considerar completar el formulario en el enlace aquí Formulario de Consentimiento para Pruebas En el Sitio.   Usted puede imprimir y entregarlo a Sonya Bennett en la oficina principal, o llenarlo electrónicamente y entregarlo por correo electrónico a [email protected].  

Miercoles Asincronicos: 

Los miércoles continuarán siendo días escolares asincrónicos a través del fin del año escolar. Las reuniones de clase de TEAM continuarán siendo virtuales y se llevará a cabo de 9:00-9:30 am cada miércoles. Los estudiantes con horario de JCHS, igual para los que tienen horario de JC Opciones, se les espera de participar en la clase de TEAM cada semana al unirse a la reunión de clase virtualmente y terminar la tarea asignada. Después de las reuniones de la clase de TEAM, los estudiantes entraran a sus salones de clases de Google Classroom asociados con cada clase de su horario para hacer las tareas asignadas del dia. Los estudiantes también tendrán la oportunidad de hablar con sus maestros los miércoles durante sus Horas de Oficina programadas para cada maestro. Las horas y los enlaces se publican en Google Classroom para cada clase. 


  • Las clases comienzan a las 9:00 am y terminan a las 2:30 pm, lunes, martes, jueves y viernes.  


  • La hora de almuerzo y lugar se determinará por la clase del 3er periodo del estudiante. 
  • 1er Almuerzo 11:00-11:35: ELA, SS, Artes, 
  • 2o Almuerzo  11:55-12:30: Matemáticas, Ciencia, CTE, Salud, PE,  Lenguaje Mundial

Entrada y Salida del Edificio para Estudiante:

  • Los estudiantes entraran al edificio a través de una de las cinco entradas si llegan antes del comienzo del 1er periodo, entre las 8:40 y 9:00 am.  La entrada que cada estudiante utilizará, depende en el lugar de su clase del primer periodo. 
    • Estacionamiento del Edificio Oeste Entrada de Atrás: Mills, Lucir
    • Estacionamiento del Edificio Oeste Entrada Principal: Voutsikakis, Jameson, Leech, Stavros, J. Lee, Stahl, Nothum, Buenau
    • Entrada de Consejería: JCO, B. Lee, Cherry, King, Bittle, Bandow, Henderson, Limbo
    • Entrada de Deportes: Doughty, Pizzuto 
    • Entrada de Ciencia: Southwick, Bell, Brougher, Lewis, Gillow-Wiles, Shultz, Johnson, Curtis, Shelley ,Robbins

  • Los estudiantes saldrán del edificio a través de una de las cinco salidas cuando se despiden de su clase del 5o periodo a las 2:30 pm.  La salida que cada estudiante utilizará, depende en el lugar de su clase del 5o periodo.  
    • Estacionamiento del Edificio Oeste Entrada de Atrás: Mills, Lucir
    • Estacionamiento del Edificio Oeste Entrada Principal: Voutsikakis, Jameson, Leech, Stavros, J. Lee, Stahl, Nothum, Buenau
    • Entrada de Consejería: JCO, B. Lee, Cherry, King, Bittle, Bandow, Henderson, Limbo
    • Entrada de Deportes: Doughty, Pizzuto 
    • Entrada de Ciencia: Southwick, Bell, Brougher, Lewis, Gillow-Wiles, Shultz, Johnson, Curtis, Shelley ,Robbins

  • Los estudiantes llegando después de las 9:00 am entrarán por el edificio a través de la Oficina Principal. 

  • Los estudiantes saliendo del edificio antes de las 2:30 pm saldrán por la Oficina Principal. 


  • Queremos que las familias sean conscientes de que las restricciones de distancia física que estaban vigentes para el transporte durante LIPI ya no están vigentes. Excepto cuando sea posible para tener más espacio entre los estudiantes, los estudiantes se sentarán uno al lado del otro y los autobuses funcionarán a su capacidad normal. Se anima a los padres a encontrar medios de transporte alternativos, si es posible, para reducir nuestro número de personas en el autobús. Se requiere cubrebocas en el autobús, se anima a los miembros de las mismas familias a sentarse juntos y los estudiantes deben vestirse abrigados ya que las ventanas o puertas estarán abiertas para aumentar la ventilación.

Información General:

  • Cubrebocas: Se requerirá que los estudiantes usen cubrebocas que cubra su boca y nariz en todo momento mientras estén en la escuela, en los terrenos de la escuela y en el transporte del distrito. La guía actual no permite un protector facial solo o una cubierta de una sola capa. Se puede usar un protector facial en combinación con una cubierta facial de tela. Se pueden usar cobertores faciales si son de doble capa. Por favor, haga que sus estudiantes practiquen con el cubreboca y asegúrese de que su cubreboca les quede bien (cubra la nariz y la boca). Si un estudiante olvida su cubreboca, le proporcionaremos una.

  • Botellas de Agua: Favor de animarle a su hijo/a traer una botella de agua llena a la escuela tal como nuestras fuentes de agua no estarán disponibles. La estación para llenar botellas estará disponible. 

  • Tecnologia: Si su hijo/a tiene un chromebook del distrito, favor de planear en traerlo a la escuela con ellos. Los estudiantes deben cargar sus dispositivos la noche antes y traer su cargador con ellos a la escuela para usar si lo necesitan. Habrá un acceso limitado de dispositivos adicionales en la escuela para los estudiantes quienes no tienen un chromebook en este momento. Los estudiantes no se les anima o se les espera de traer su dispositivo personal a la escuela, sin embargo, los que deciden en traer un dispositivo personal al campus, a su propio riesgo, tendremos acceso de visita en el wifi del distrito. 

  • Abrigarse: Las ventanas del autobús y en el edificio pueden estar abiertas para aumentar la ventilación. 


Favor de planear para las fotos escolares. Estas están programadas para el 29 y 30 de marzo. Los estudiantes en persona se les llamara para las fotos con su clase durante el día escolar el lunes o martes, los estudiantes de JC Opciones y cualquier estudiante a distancia se les invita a tomar fotos entre las 2-3:30 cualquier día o por cita. Un aviso del día de la foto con información sobre las órdenes está incluido en el reporte de calificaciones del trimestre 2. 


¡Estamos emocionados de tener a los estudiantes de regreso al edificio! Para mantener a todos seguros y seguir los protocolos de seguridad y la guía, nuestro distrito tiene posiciones disponibles para maestros y asistentes instruccionales. Si esta interesado, favor de inscribirse para nuestra lista de sustitutos y aplicar para las posiciones vacantes en el sitio web del Distrito Escolar de Junction City. 


Dina Marschall & Brian Young

Co-Directores, Escuela Preparatoria de Junction City

Escuela Preparatoria de Junction City: Horario Escolar del Trimestre 3

  • Todos los estudiantes en persona asistirán lunes, martes, jueves, viernes
  • Miercoles Asincronicos

Lunes, Martes, Jueves, Viernes

7:30- 8:45 Preparación de los Maestros (75 minutos)

8:45-9:00 Estudiantes Llegan, entran por puerta asignada, evaluación de salud

9:00- 9:50 Periodo 1 (50 minutos)

9:50-10:00 De Pasada Acompañada/Vigilada

10:00-10:50 Periodo 2 (50 minutos)

10:50-11:00 De Pasada Acompañada/Vigilada

11:00-11:50 Periodo 3 Matemáticas, Ciencia, CTE, PE, Lenguaje Mundial, (50 minutos)

11:55-12:30 2o Almuerzo Matemáticas, Ciencia, CTE, PE, Lenguaje Mundial (35 minutos)

11:00-11:35 1er Almuerzo ELA, SS, Artes, Salud (35 minutos)

11:40-12:30 Periodo 3 ELA, SS, Artes, Salud (50 minutos)

12:30-12:40 De Pasada Acompañada/Vigilada

12:40-1:30 Periodo 4  (50 minutos)

1:30-1:40 De Pasada Acompañada/Vigilada

1:40-2:30 Periodo 5 (50 minutos)

2:30 De Pasada Acompañada/Vigilada

2:30-3:30 No Estudiantes, planificación, reuniones(60 minutos)


7:30- 8:45 Preparación de los Maestros (75 minutos)

9:00-9:30 Reuniones Virtuales de TEAM

9:20-3:00 Horas de Oficina del Maestro & Acceso al Trabajo Asincrónico 

Lunch Location by Teacher: Trimester 3

Based on 3rd Period Class

1st Lunch: 11:00-11:35

ELA, SS, Arts, Health (184)

2nd Lunch: 11:55-12:30

Math, Sci, CTE, PE, Span (181)

Jameson (13)- Cafeteria

Nothum (16)- Cafeteria

Leech (8)- Upstairs West Collaboration

Bandow (20)- WW Collaboration

Limbo (20) - WW Collaboration

Stahl (19) - Room 3

Lee (22)- Room 20

Cherry (21)- Room 30 Large Group

Bittle (7)- Commons

Henderson (19)- Room 12

Voutsikakis (19)- Upstairs Center Collaboration

Stavros (0)- NA

Shelley (18) - Upstairs Center Collaboration

Gillow Wiles (3) - Upstairs Center Collaboration

Curtis (8)- Rm 239

Johnson (9) - Rm 239

Buenau (17)- WW Collaboration

Doughty (26) - WW Collaboration

Shultz (14)- Upstairs West Collaboration

Lucir (20) - Cafeteria

Bell (10) - Cafeteria

King (5) - Room 30 Large Group

Lewis (9) - Room 30 Large Group

Brougher (13)- Room 137

Southwick (13) - Commons

Pizzuto (8) - Rm 3

Robbins (8) - Rm 3

JCHS - March 15, 2021

The JCHS Staff is thrilled to have a majority of our students back in-person with us.  We have had a wonderful transition and continue to fine tune, model, and reteach health and safety protocols. Our students have bought-in and are doing a tremendous job.  Despite the constraints and adjustments, we have been reminded of how much we missed what we once took for granted. Thank you to the entire staff, district team and Board, as well as parents and students for helping to make this happen. The in-person time has allowed many of our students to improve their grades as we close out the 2nd Trimester.

We are excited to announce that all of our JCHS students who choose to return will be in-person every day school is in session, once we get back from spring break.  The A/B hybrid approach has allowed us to have a gentle start, teaching and acclimating students to the health and safety guidelines.  However, it is clear to our staff that students will benefit and recover learning in a much more efficient manner if we have them in building on a regular basis.  We have developed a 3rd Trimester schedule to accommodate the cohort grouping of students, and we also have a plan in place to serve and supervise all students during the lunch periods in our commons areas and classrooms. This has been a most difficult year to schedule students for classes, and we cannot thank our counselors enough for this work.  Thank you to Angie Elstone, Brian Miller, Courtney Madsen.  Also, a thank you to Tiffany Hart, our Attendance Secretary and Brandy Moore, our Registrar for their amazing work.  It has been a monumental task to track & monitor attendance, resolve Incomplete grades and change transcripts, and follow up and connect with families to provide the best possible support for students.

This month, we celebrated our classified staff during Appreciation Week.  We simply could not do this work without our cooks, custodians, IAs, secretaries, and all other classified employees who serve staff, students, and families.

Thank you to all of our classified staff for the work you have done to make things function, no matter what COVID throws our way!  This has been a year of challenges and you have risen to every challenge and kept the needs of students and staff at the forefront!

Fall sports are well underway, and we would like to give a special thanks to our Athletic Director, Craig Rothenberger, our Athletic Secretary & Trainer, Tye Rauschert, and all of our coaches for making it a tremendous start.  Yes, it is strange to watch soccer and football practices in March, but our student-athletes are following all of the health and safety expectations and are so happy to be competing again.  Our volleyball team is 3-0 in Sky-Em play at the time of this writing, and just defeated Cottage Grove in 5 sets, in one of the most memorable matches in Tiger history.  The football team defeated Harrisburg in the opener and played La Pine last Friday night.  Cross country, and boys and girls soccer are also competing.  A lot goes into hosting in-person events, and we now have the green light to allow small groups of spectators at games.  We appreciate everyone's patience as we sort through the guidelines and prepare.  The Tiger Club has been a huge support with volunteers and donated items as well.

It is already time to start thinking about 2021-22, and we held our 8th Grade Parent & Student Welcome Night in late February.  Current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders will begin forecasting for classes after spring break, and we anticipate more freedom for students to choose various electives next school year.  We will also have more clarity soon regarding what graduation ceremonies may be able to look like this June for the Class of 2021.  We will be sure to announce the details to families as soon as we know more and start developing plans.

This past week, the remaining part of our classified staff received Suicide Prevention & Awareness training.  It is essential that all of us are looking after our students and supporting them in every way possible.  Now, all of our staff members have received updated training in this important area.

Tomorrow night, March 16th, the music department will host "A Night at the Opera" in the West Wing gym.  Other than volleyball, this will be one of the first extracurricular activities returning in-building in just over a year.  It will be a small gathering, following OHA guidelines, but so great to see this type of student focused activity coming back.

There are so many exciting things happening on our JCHS campus and we look forward to a wonderful spring season!

Go Tigers!

JCHS - September 2020
September has been a month filled with preparation for the return of distance learning. We would like to more formally recognize our two current custodians, Mike Spoerl and Andy Counts, for their outstanding work getting our main campus ready. They also prepared the East Wing for the 5th grade academy and JC Options programs to have what they needed to kick off the school year. We are looking to fill vacant custodial positions, and Mike and Andy have been simply the best during this challenging time.
We would also like to thank our classified staff who have gone above and beyond to prepare registration folders, barcode and organize chromebooks for checkout, called parents personally to follow up on survey information, and done a ton of behind the scenes work for our teachers to be ready to start distance instruction. Our teachers miss our students as well, but have done a remarkable job preparing to deliver engaging lessons in the online format. Linda Jackson and her team deserve huge praise for their work in the JC Options program, as numbers choosing that curriculum path have grown significantly. This has truly been a team effort, and we are proud of our staff for maintaining a positive, student-centered attitude. This past Friday, the Tiger Club thanked the staff by serving pizza at lunch time.
The Meet & Greet Supply Giveaway two weeks ago was a success, as over 400 students and families came through for textbooks, chromebooks and supplies to help start the school year. Special thanks to Susan Inman, her team, and local businesses and churches for putting together "Welcome Back Gift Bags" for all of our students. That was an awesome gesture!
We look forward to starting limited in-person instruction soon, and getting small groups of students the support they need. Now that students are returning in small numbers for academic purposes, we also plan to kickoff our "Season 1" of extracurriculars with 4-week workouts for each program by season. The programs will follow all health and safety protocols, and will rotate with spring sports starting October 5th, followed by fall and then winter. We are looking forward to the opportunity students will have to reconnect and enjoy the social-emotional attributes that extracurriculars bring.
We want to remind our students and families that daily attendance remains a requirement, whether a student is participating in the synchronous instruction with teachers in the mornings, or enrolled in the JC Options program. If a student needs to be absent, please call our Attendance Office.
Finally, with the current circumstances, we will be looking at options to postpone some of the exciting activities that our students traditionally look forward to. This may even mean moving Homecoming and the Noise Night to the spring season. We want to find ways to highlight student achievements and to give students ways to make the absolute best of this 2020-21 school year, whether in distance learning or in-person mode. We can get through this in the JC way, TOGETHER!
Go Tigers!
JCHS-January 2020


This new year, we would like to thank our Board members for their volunteerism and work to make our school district the best for all of our kids.  We appreciate each of you. 


Winter sports and clubs are well into league season with swimming, wrestling, basketball, cheer, chess, and Robotics competing.   Speaking of Robotics, both of our teams qualified for the upcoming State Championship tournament finishing 3rd and 4th in District.  One of our teams won the distinguished computer programming award.  Stacey Johnson was selected by coaches throughout the state as the Oregon Robotics Volunteer of the Year.  We are proud of Stacey for all she has developed over the course of this past decade.  This is a well deserved honor. 


Our scheduling committee continues to work with our staff on the development of a bell schedule next school year that will allow for intervention support for struggling students.  We have decided to maintain the trimester, five period framework, while looking for creative options for adding intervention time during the day. 


Parent Teacher Conferences for winter term were held last week, and midterms have been picked up or mailed home.  We are encouraging parents and students to use the Home Access system to monitor grades.  If individuals do not know their login information, they can contact the office for support. 


We want to continue to encourage students and parents to be using the SafeOregon tipline to report school related issues that need administrative or law enforcement attention.  This is such an important tool for reporting anything of concern.  We want to continue to emphasize to kids, “If you hear or see something that isn’t right, say something.”  Together as a community, we can work together to keep our students and staff as safe as possible. 


We have added an Attendance Monitor position to strengthen our communication with parents and our follow through with students either out of class or not attending.  One change that will be taking place very soon is a “Safety Check” personalized phone call for any student not in class each morning.  Parents will receive a morning call from our Attendance Monitor to make sure an absent student is safe and accounted for.  We will do this to make sure the student is okay, and also to strengthen our personal communication with our parents.  Daily attendance is so important.  Every Day Matters!


As we look ahead to National Counselors’ Appreciation week in early February, we want to thank the best counseling team out there.  Particularly at the high school, we’d like to thank Angie Elstone, Brian Miller, Courtney Madsen, and Dr. Sue Menen for all of their important work supporting kids.  They are a truly amazing team. 


Finally, the Tiger Auction will be taking place on the evening of February 1st.  It’s not too late to purchase tickets.  If you have questions, feel free to check out our website or call the main office.    


Here’s to a wonderful 2020.  Go Tigers!

JCHS-November 2019
In this month of Thanksgiving, we would like to express our appreciation to our school Board members and district leadership team. Thank you for the work you are doing to make our Junction City schools the best possible learning environments for our kids. We would also like to thank our teachers and classified staff for the daily investment they are making in this most important work.
JCHS has established a Scheduling Review Committee to take a look at possible options going forward. We are hoping to provide more intervention time within the bell schedule to support students struggling with particular learning standards. We want to do this in a way that continues to strengthen our elective opportunities, including Career & Technical Education. This may or may not lead to a revised bell schedule for JCHS in 2020-21, but we wanted to share that we are looking at options.
The JCHS Volleyball team had the best finish of any team in the past 40 plus years, earning the 5th place trophy at State. The team was assisted by a gentlemen in a now infamous "Lime Green Shirt", leading the student section with enough spirited noise to turn the tide in their first round matchup. Thank you, Steve Tedrick! We would like to thank Gary Meineger, his coaching staff, parents and student-athletes for making this a most memorable season. In cross country, Anika Thompson finished 2nd in girls 4A, and we are very proud of her and our other runners for their accomplishments. Winter sports are underway, with our basketball teams set to host an Australian school called the Northeast Bush Rangers, on December 9th.
On an athletic note, our football program has received an option from the OSAA to move to the 3A classification during the coming two school years. After discussion with coaches and a team vote with players, we have decided to accept this invitation. Craig Rothenberger will be sharing more information on this decision with the Board.
This past month, our Drama students put on a play called "Bad Auditions by Bad Actors". Directed by our very own, Wyatt Lee, this production had the crowd laughing all three nights. Over 20 of our Journalism students just returned from a national conference in Washington, D.C. and were able to get a wealth of education and experiences with Ms. Bandow, Ms. Henderson, and Mr. Miller. They had a rare opportunity to stand on the Capitol steps with Senator Jeff Merkley, as well as visit the Mall memorials, the Smithsonian museums, and learn a ton about the field of journalism.
Today, four of our teachers were further trained by the University of Oregon's PRIDE program researchers. The teachers will be piloting a program focused on restorative practices. PRIDE stands for Positive and Restorative Investment in Discipline Reform. We believe it will greatly support our efforts to build a positive learning environment for all of our students.
We are excited to announce that Kileia Riley, senior, was selected by staff to receive the Jim Paull Youth Service Award at the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce Awards this month. Kileia is our ASB President, and has done a tremendous job as a leader in her school and volunteering in our community.
Finals week is coming up after Thanksgiving, with Trimester 1 finals on December 3rd and 4th, and no school on the 5th and 6th. Looking ahead, we will have a FAFSA Completion Night for parents and seniors on December 16th, 6pm in the media center.
We wish all of our families the very best this holiday season. Go Tigers!
JCHS - August 2019
We would like to welcome all of our students and staff back for what will be a remarkable 2019-2020 school year at Junction City High School. Three words, "no more construction!" Well, at least major projects anyway. We are looking forward to having our stability and routine back. Students and staff are truly enjoying the new high school, and we want to thank our JC community for this learning environment.
We would like to welcome two new teachers to JCHS. Jake Courtney and Nathan Southwick will be teaching in the science department. We are also thrilled to announce that Angie Elstone will be joining our staff as Sophomore and Senior counselor. Angie has made huge impacts at Laurel and Oaklea, and knows so many of our students at JCHS. Courtney Madsen will take the College and Career Coordinator position and continue to work in the counseling center. We would also like to welcome Aspen Johnson and Steve Martin as new Instructional Assistants in the Life Skills program.
Our first day of school will be Wednesday, September 4th. We will open the first day with a welcome back assembly in the West Wing Gym. 9th graders will get an opportunity to explore the campus, meet their new teachers, and work with Junior and Senior Leadership students during 9th Grade Orientation on Tuesday, September 3rd from 9am-Noon. Thanks to the nearly 20 juniors and seniors who have volunteered to give up time at the end of their summer break to make sure our 9th graders have a tremendous transition to high school.
With the consolidated campus, students will notice a slightly different bell schedule. Passing times have been reduced to 5 minutes, as students no longer have to travel to and from the old east wing.
This month, the JCHS staff has continued to plan for a new "9th Grade Success" course that will be required in the fall term for all incoming freshmen. The daily course will link students further with their mentor TEAM teacher, provide students with study skills, character development, and a wealth of tools to help with the transition to high school. We are partnering with the Decision Education Foundation to implement this new course that will also focus on helping our kids make positive decisions. We would like to thank JCHS teacher, Liz Henderson, for her leadership and planning this new course with colleagues. Liz also spearheaded our 9th Grade Bridge program this August, and we had a record number of 43 students participate in the program! Last year, 83% of our 9th graders were able to earn 6 credits to qualify by the State as "On Track to Graduate". That was a significant jump from the previous year's 76%. Our schoolwide goal is to get more than 90% of our 9th graders on track.
A huge shoutout to our JCHS custodians for their work to detail the buildings when students and staff were enjoying the summer months. The newly polished floors, scrubbed down walls, fresh coats of paint, and other touch ups throughout campus are much appreciated. After nearly two years of construction happening on campus, we are truly looking forward to the first school year without a significant amount of that type of project interference. The incoming class of 2023 is the first class that will exclusively be in the new high school.
Fall sports are underway, with Jamborees and games beginning next week. Mark your calendars for the annual JCHS Noise Night (during Homecoming week) on Wednesday, October 2nd. The parade will begin at 7pm, with Noise Night activities under the lights at Peden Field immediately after.
This school year, we will continue to emphasize with our students and parents that "Every Day Matters". We want to really encourage positive attendance and emphasize the premise that showing up and being engaged in class will lead to positive outcomes.
Go Tigers!
Ms. Marschall and Mr. Young
March 2019
Dear Parents & Guardians,
Today marks the beginning of the spring trimester, and the home stretch for the 2018-19 school year!
The JCHS staff welcomed in community members, parents, and alumni to our Open House tour of the new building and remodeled areas on March 11th. Cheerleaders welcomed guests at entry, and teachers, admin, district staff, and our DLR partners guided people through the building. It was a wonderful night to say "thank you" to our community for providing us with a state of the art learning environment that will be enjoyed for many years to come.
Both of our JCHS Robotics teams qualified for the State Tournament, and had outstanding finishes to the season. The Chess team also finished their competition season at State last week. Track & Field season has begun, and the student-athletes are definitely enjoying the brand new track. The tennis team already has three match victories vs Hidden Valley, North Bend and Marshfield, and the golf team will begin competition season shortly. Our Baseball and Softball teams both look to be in the running for State titles this season, returning many players from last spring's successful teams.
This month, we are preparing for our Accreditation team visit with Advanced Ed on April 9th and 10th. Part of the requirement is submitting survey data from parents, students, and staff. We appreciate all of the parents who responded to our e-mail request to complete a feedback survey! Collecting this information has been informative, and will help us improve our current systems and programs. A reminder that Spring Break is the week of March 25-29. Following spring break, we will begin forecasting for the 2019-20 school year, having students select courses and visiting with our 8th graders and parents in preparation for high school as well.
On March 13th, we welcomed in students and parents for our Latino Family Night. We would like to thank our Family Bilingual Resource Coordinator, Daniel Pozos, for organizing this special event, and networking with community groups and local student support agencies to prepare our students for options in their near future.
Finally, we would like to congratulate senior Gabe Bagley for being selected to receive the prestigious Oregon State University Presidential Scholarship. This is a $40,000 scholarship, and a tribute to Gabe's hard work and dedication throughout high school. Go Tigers!
Brian Young & Dina Marschall
JCHS Co-Principals
January 2019

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

January is School Board Appreciation month.  The staff at Junction City High School would like to thank each of the JC School Board members for their volunteerism and service.  It is an honor and privilege to work with a Board that puts our kids first.  Every decision that is made comes from that perspective.  We appreciate their service to our schools and community.

The new year has brought a new chapter for Junction City High School.  Our new main building opened for students and staff following return from the holiday break.  Science teachers waited patiently for two additional weeks, and are now enjoying the new space with students.  This month, we welcomed in parents and students for Winter Conferences, and many people were able to spend time walking throughout the new building and renovated spaced on a self guided tour.  Students are enjoying the new common areas for collaboration and fellowship.  KMTR (Channel 16) news visited campus and has a feature story on their website.  We are looking forward to guided tours for the community this coming month of February.  Once again, we want to thank our JC community for passing the Bond Measure and allowing our staff and students to work in the newest high school building in Oregon.  Our students and staff are truly enjoying the new learning environment.  We also have a new media center (library) in the main building.

Our JC Robotics team made history at the district competition this past weekend.  The Phoenix 4480 team won the competition, and the Infinity Angles won the Think Award.  Both teams qualified for the regionals coming up in Roseburg.  The JC Cheerleaders are into their competition season, and OHSET is just about ready to get underway as well.  We also have our Chess team competing this winter and traveling to various venues.  Winter sports are heading down the stretch in district play, with swimming, wrestling, and boys and girls basketball competing.  We will be hosting our District wrestling meet on Friday, February 8th.

The JCHS Hall of Fame banquet took place on January 19th, with several individuals being inducted, including Craig Lannom, Jason Haddy, Jamie (Breese) Jenson, Rich Milne, Ty Rothenberger, Bill Carson (class of 56), and the 1999 State Champion Golf Team.  This was an unforgetable night of story telling, tears, laughs, and a reminder of the heritage we have at JCHS.

We are excited to announce that professor Jim Garcia from LCC will be teaching a course called Puertas Abiertas this winter and spring.  This class will give some of our Latino and Latina students college and career readiness skills, as well as connections to opportunities.  Jim asked for 10-15 students, and he graciously took in 16.  Daniel Pozos was instrumental in recruiting students and introducing parents to Jim at an evening gathering.

The Rural Schools Network provided a consultancy team visit to JCHS, with several guests present to learn more about our high school, and to provide us with feedback at an all-staff meeting.  They observed several classes, spoke with admin, teachers, and students, and spent time looking at our culture and climate.  We believe this will help us as we strive to provide the very best for our students.

Just around the corner, we have the Tiger Auction coming up on February 2nd at 6pm over at Shadow Hills.  The Missoula Children's Theater will also be performing shows in the high school theater that day.  Go Tigers!


Brian Young & Dina Marschall

JCHS Co-Principals

November 2018

During this Thanksgiving season, the JCHS staff is thankful for the opportunity to work with our kids and families, as well as a supportive school Board and District leadership team. With many exciting changes at the high school and the new addition opening in January, we have lots to be thankful for.

 On that note, the collaboration space in the remodeled West Wing is now open, and the Youth Transition Program students will be working with their advisor, Vassa Motes, to open up the new JCHS Coffee shop and Student Store. Students and staff are making full use of the new computer labs in the old media center as well. Staff had an opportunity to tour the new building a few weeks ago and it is absolutely beautiful. We will be having some Open House opportunities for parents and community members once the new addition is completed.

The administrative team met with a consultant group this month to begin preparation for our Accreditation Visit coming up in April. We are looking forward to showing the evaluation group the positive work being done to support JCHS students. 

Our journalism students traveled to Chicago earlier this month with Ms. Bandow and Ms. Henderson. Over 6000 student journalists were in attendance! We put our kids in competitions against the best high school journalists in the country and our students came away with feedback and some really helpful critiques. Congratulations to Kamryn Potter who came home with an Honorable Mention Award in Portrait Photography. The group made the most of their time in Chicago and enjoyed visiting multiple museums, including the Chicago Art Institute, and also visited the Zoo.  Our students behaved wonderfully and represented the district very well. 

The JCHS Drama team put on the play "Alice vs. Wonderland" earlier this month; it has been great to get that program back up and running, thanks in large part to drama teacher, Liz Henderson. Our music instructor, Tabitha Shepherd is significantly increasing the numbers in her choir  and  band  programs,  and  these  students  held  an  excellent  concert  this  past  week. 

Close to 15 students were honored, with their parents present, at this trimester's Breakfast of Champions. This is a wonderful tradition where staff can recognize students for being amazing contributors at our high school in a variety of ways that may not typically bring the recognition students deserve. 

Last week, we held a school-wide "JCHS Gives Back" assembly where we reviewed volunteer/community service requirements for graduation, and had several community groups present to talk about options students have to serve.  The assembly featured guests from the Moose Lodge, Lion's Club, First  Baptist Church, Habitat for  Humanity, Ophelia's Place, the Soroptimists, Junction City Youth Athletics, and the Scandinavian Festival. Toward the end, students   had   the   opportunity   to   visit   with   the   groups   and   sign   up   for   service. 

Our JCHS Volleyball team qualified for the State quarterfinals, and over 60 students traveled on the rooter bus to see the team finish in the Elite 8 for the first time in years. Winter sports are now underway. 

In December, we are planning on working with Ophelia's Place and SASS (Sexual Assault Support Services) to provide some very important information to our students on topics such as healthy relationships and consent, and to meet Erin's Law requirements. Our 9th and 10th graders will be working with Ophelia's Place, and our older students with SASS. Parents will be receiving information on what we will be covering, and we encourage them to call us with any and all questions they may have. 

This month, we will review lockdown procedures with staff, as well as evacuation protocols. We held a lockdown drill last week, and worked with Sgt Hughes from JCPD, and our District Safety Officer, Ken Jackson to gain insight and feedback. We are looking forward to having a much more secured campus when our new building is completed. We will be working on changing the culture at JCHS when it comes to students coming and going only through the main entrance, and securing our perimeter doors. Thanks cannot be expressed enough for our community's support of the Bond and the construction of a high school that will be something we can all be proud of.
September 2018

Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members,

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! This will be a monumental year for Junction City High School, and we appreciate the patience and flexibility we all will need as we make the transition to our new buildings. On that note, the West Wing opened with student return this week, and the new building is set to complete later this fall. Our Main Office is temporarily in Room 1 of the West Wing. You can access that room by parking near the reader board off of 6th St. and heading right down the hallway closest to the front lobby of the West Wing. The phone number to reach the main office is still 541-998-2343. Calling that number will allow you to connect with other offices, the counseling center, Athletics, and individual staff members directly. The Registrar’s Office and Counseling Center are temporarily in the Pitney Center (across Maple Street from Washburn Park). We will soon be moving both of these offices to the old West Wing main office, near the front lobby.

Thank you in advance for your patience in reaching individual staff members by phone. Part of our bond measure included new phone systems. We are still in the process of securing phone extensions for all staff members. The best way to contact teachers will likely be via e-mail (see the JCHS website for addresses).
We kicked off the school year with several special guests visiting our campus on opening day. Oregon Governor Kate Brown toured the high school to learn more about our Career and Technical Education classes, including the new Culinary Arts room and the recently renovated Woods and Metals shops. She also toured the new building under construction. As you are likely aware, JCHS had an above state average graduation rate in the past couple of years. We have connected many of our students to the CTE programs, and have found the classes to assist us in keeping students engaged in their education. Other guests, including Deputy Superintendent of Oregon Schools, Colt Gill, Senator James Manning, and Representative Julie Fahey, visited JCHS with the group as well.

Construction activities continue at a fevered pace. The West Wing renovations, including classrooms, counseling center, computer labs, and collaboration and culinary arts spaces have wrapped up. We also have a new parking lot out front of campus! Individuals interested in obtaining a parking permit need to see Erica Bonner in the Athletic Office. 

Fall sports practices and competitions are under way. Coaching assignments will remain the same for Football, Soccer, Cross Country and Cheer. Former teacher and coach Gary Meininger has returned to JCHS after a hiatus, to head up the girls Volleyball program again this fall. 
A huge thanks to our track coaches, athletes and parents for their work to support the track renovation project. In addition to District funds authorized by the board last spring, this group of volunteers have brought in another $35,000 in grants from the Ford Family Foundation and Valley South Athletic Club as well as securing “in kind” donations of materials and labor to extend the scope of the project to include improvements to jumping areas as well as track re-surfacing. These efforts will have a significant and positive impact on our track program overall, as well as the health and safety of our track athletes. We would like to specifically thank Coaches Jared Brougher and Shannon McAdams, as well as Matt and Wendy Waddell for their leadership in seeing this important project through.

We were excited to bring back our Freshmen Orientation this past week, and welcome the class of 2022 as well as new students to JCHS. The Summer Bridge Program provided many of our incoming 9th graders with a week-long opportunity to become familiar with the high school, as well as learning about decision making skills that will help lead to increased academic success. Teachers Liz Henderson and Cody Johnson along with College and Career Coordinator Liz Bolton facilitated the Bridge Program. These students will form a cohort and will be assigned to the same TEAM, with additional program activities planned throughout the year intended to support them in their transition to HS using the Decision Education Foundation model.
The JCHS Administrative Team is looking forward to a great year, one filled with exciting changes and a higher than average number of transitions. During this time, we know it will be important to face each challenge with patience, flexibility and a problem solving mindset as we partner with teachers and staff to serve JCHS students and families.
Co-Principals: Brian Young and Dina Marschall
April 2018
At JCHS, the spring season has brought a variety of activities and planning for next school year. Students have just completed the forecasting process for the 2018-19 year. This year, we emphasized the importance of working with TEAM teachers to choose courses. Students are completing a Personal Education profile which serves as a road map toward graduation. Teachers will be entering forecasting data this coming early release day, and this information will help us with determining FTE, and building the master schedule with support from counselors and department heads.
Our juniors have been busy with Smarter Balanced testing this month, and will continue into May. We are using a new testing method this spring that has students coming in alphabetically for blocks of time. This lessens time out of classrooms, and gives students the opportunity to focus on the task for longer periods on test days, but also ending sooner. We appreciate the flexibility of our staff in this process, as it has been a new way to approach state testing.
We would like to invite all of our current 8th grade parents to our Freshmen Orientation Night on Monday, April 30th at 6pm in the West Wing gym. This is a chance to meet staff, learn about ways to become involved and connected to the high school, and to select elective classes for 9th grade. We are also planning a new Freshmen Orientation in August. This will give our 9th graders a half day to spend with staff and mentors, before the rest of the student body arrives.
Mr. Young and Mrs. Marschall visited classrooms during the month, and continue to be impressed with the level of engaging activities taking place. Teachers met with administrators for goal check-in meetings this past week, and continue to focus on monitoring student learning growth.
February 2018
At Junction City High School, we kicked off the month of February celebrating National Counselors month.  We would like to thank our high school counselors, Brian Miller and Courtney Madsen, as well as our district psychologist, Dr. Sue Menen, for the work they do each day for our kids.  Social and emotional well-being is essential for building connections and success in school, and we could not do this work without our amazing counseling team.  On that note, Dean Sikes visited with our entire student body on February 2nd, and students made a commitment to choose life toward the end of the “You Matter” assembly.  Students heard a powerful message of hope, and then debriefed with TEAM classes and teachers.  We continue to build a network where ALL of our students on campus have a trusted adult they can turn to if they are struggling, or have someone else they are concerned about. 

Winter conferences were held in the cafeteria to begin the month, as parents and students discussed midterm grades with teachers.  Students are beginning to prepare for the upcoming AP exam circuit, and our juniors are preparing to take the Smarter Balanced assessments this spring.  We also have several seniors finishing up their Essential Skills requirements by either taking one more round of SBAC exams in the area they need to demonstrate proficiency, or completing work samples with teachers. 

In athletics and club activities, we held a Pep Assembly on February 8th and showcased every team competing this winter term: Robotics qualified for the State tournament this past weekend (results TBD), OHSET, Chess Team, Swimming, and Speech & Debate have completed or are wrapping up their seasons; JCHS qualified the most wrestlers to the State meet in over a decade with 8 wrestlers competing (the team brought home an 8th place finish in 4A and Bob Lee was voted Regional Coach of the Year).  The boys basketball team fell just short of playoff qualification with several close losses in league play.  The Lady Tigers basketball team just wrapped up a Sky-Em league title with a championship victory over Cottage Grove.  Liz Bolton was voted in as league coach of the year, and Maddie Mehlbrech was the player of the year.  The girls will host a play-in game this Friday.

The Tiger Auction was a huge success this past week.  We would like to thank the co-coordinators, Aimee Corey and Lisa Silbernagel, as well as the countless individuals on their team who volunteered to pull this event off.  This year’s auction took in….wait for it…just over $40,000!!!  That money will greatly benefit our athletic teams, clubs, and other programs for our students.

Val-o-Grams, all agreed this was one of the most remarkable groups of seniors ever.  They generated over $1600 for their AP Lit trip.

Finally, lots of meaningful Professional Development is taking place.  Our science department sent two teachers to the NGSS regional workshop at the Lane ESD this past week, as we prepare for new science curriculum and assessments next year.  Six JCHS teachers and Mr. Young are now participating in the Skillful Teacher workshops.  This is a multi-session program geared toward enhancing instructional techniques, management, and making student thinking come alive.  Mrs. Buenau continues to develop her new Computer Science program, and other teachers are involved in the Willamette Promise program, bringing new ways for students to earn college credit.  Ms. Marschall and Ms. Lucir will be attending a CTE conference with all the other schools that received the Culinary Arts grant.  This is an exciting time for our staff and students!

January 2018
The staff and students at JCHS would like to thank each of our School Board members for their volunteerism and service.  During this month of board appreciation, we thank our board for the time and dedication they provide to making sure we have the best resources, facilities, and professionals for our kids.  As administrators, we appreciate the active involvement you have in our programs and activities in our schools.  Junction City School District, and all our schools, are wonderful places of learning, enrichment, engagement and opportunity thanks in large part to our supportive School Board.

At JCHS, the new year has been outstanding.  It is awesome to see the frame of the new front commons area taking shape, as well as classroom walls being constructed.  Students and staff alike are so excited to watch this progress and have been patient, flexible, and cooperative with the occasional challenges presented by the ongoing construction project.

JCHS seniors involved in Top Tiger kicked off the month with an all-school assembly which really got students excited and generated lots of support for the program.  Proceeds will once again be split between the Children's Miracle Network, JC Local Aid, and school programs.  Top Tiger participants took their annual trip to the neonatal unit at Riverbend hospital, which is always a meaningful experience for all those involved.

All juniors took the ASVAB exam on January 17th; many thanks to Liz Bolton for facilitating that endeavor and to our counselors and support staff for their assistance as well.

With respect to professional development, our teaching staff continues to implement the differentiated instructional strategies Linda Vanderford presented in early December.  Several teachers shared ideas and ways they have used the strategies at a recent staff meeting.  Our high school’s department chairs will be spending time this week on aligning our course content with the JC Online course offerings.  At yesterday’s January Early Release day, we had a very informative and engaging presentation on encouraging Healthy Relationships, as well as a focus on increasing awareness of and preventing Sexual Harassment.  Our entire staff- licensed and classified- as well as several district office administrators and a representative from the Eugene School District heard this presentation offered by Ophelia’s Place specialist Kyra Kelly, along with support from Ophelia’s Place JC’s Anuhea Wall.

We have invited guest speaker Dean Sikes, from Tennessee, for an all-school presentation called "You Matter", to our students tomorrow, Friday, February 2nd.  We feel it is an important time to talk with students about mental health and well-being, and the sensitive topics of self-harm and teen suicide.  This is a hopeful message that we feel will be very meaningful for our students.  Our counseling team will be working on preparing students for this topic and having some debrief time with TEAM teachers before and after the assembly.  We also want to review our student safety protocols and procedures with our staff.  As always, this is an important time to be watching out for our kids, and making sure all students have established trusted connections with school adults.

Important note: Winter Parent Teacher conferences have been switched to tonight, Thursday, February 1st from 4:30-7:30.  This change was made due to a home wrestling match taking place on the previous date scheduled.  Finally, JC Local Aid has given our students abundant ways to fulfill their community service hours and beyond.  We have extended this information to parents as well.  Happy New Year and thanks again to the Board!

November 2017
During this month of Thanksgiving, the JCHS administration would like to thank our school Board members for their volunteerism and service to our students and staff.  We appreciate the support the Board provides in helping us keep the focus of our decision making on kids.  We would also like to thank our district leadership team, teachers, and classified staff for the countless ways they provide for and support students in Junction City.

At JCHS, we are excited to see walls now going up in the new construction zone.  Students and staff are now able to visualize the layout of classrooms and offices.  We have started the process of moving books and supplies from the media center, in anticipation of the renovation that will take place this spring.  This is an exciting time for JCHS!

The Top Tiger seniors visited the NCU hospital this past week, and saw a significant part of why they are currently fund raising.  Leadership students are busy preparing for Winter Week, which will take place from December 11th to 15th.  Winter sports have now begun, with the new addition of a Girls' Wrestling team.  Over 25 students were honored at Breakfast of Champions this past Tuesday, with parents present for this important recognition.

This is now Finals Week.  It is important to remind everyone that our JCHS schedule has been changed to provide a full day of school this Wednesday, November 29th, and early release on Thursday the 30th.

On a professional note, teachers will receive training on differentiated instruction & assessment on Monday, December 4th.  Linda Vanderford, who also presented to the Oaklea staff a couple years back, will be sharing a variety of ideas on meeting the needs of all our kids in the classroom.  Teachers have now completed their professional and student learning growth goals for the year, and meetings have been taking place with administrators.

Finally, to our community members, we are still looking for ways our students can serve.  We have re-implemented annual volunteer service hours as part of the graduation plan, and appreciate any communication on opportunities to share.  Please call the front office at 541-998-2343, or email an administrator if you would like to pass along information on a volunteer opportunity.

October 2017
October has been an eventful month at JCHS.  Sophomores and many of our juniors took the PSAT on Oct 11th.  Freshmen participated in team building and career exploration activities with TEAM teachers, and seniors worked with TEAM teachers on finalizing grad plans and community service obligations.  We are reestablishing community service hours as a requirement for graduation, and will be working with the local Chamber of Commerce, service organizations, and any interested party from our JC community on giving our students multiple opportunities to serve.

Our first Latino Family Night was held on Oct 4th, with numerous parents and kids coming to campus to eat a catered dinner together, and learn more about high school opportunities, and community resources.  We were excited to have a tremendous turnout.

Our entire freshmen class participated in the Lane County Career Fair on Oct 12th.  Students met with various business groups, and some even participated in mock interviews.  Mr. Young heard tremendous feedback from the panelists who mentioned JC students were some of the most marketable and respectful in comparison to all of the county students represented.  Several may have even been hired if they were older than 14.

Fall Conferences took place last week, and midterm grades have been mailed out.  Our girls soccer team just wrapped up an undefeated regular season, and will not wait to see who they will be facing in the State tournament.  Boys soccer ended their season with an exciting 3-2 upset at Sisters (first win there in years).  Cross Country is preparing for the district meet, and volleyball finished their season this week with an energetic senior night.  As of this report, the JC football team awaits a possible play-in round game if they earn a victory over Sisters on senior night.  We would also like to thank our cheerleaders for their amazing support and spirit throughout homecoming and the fall season.

As part of our professional development this week, teachers will be receiving a training on Thursday morning specifically related to differentiating our instruction and challenging TAG students with enrichment opportunities in class.  We will also be working on building our career related lessons for TEAM classes as we enter November.  Teachers are completing their student growth and professional goals as well.

September 2017
The students and staff at JCHS are busy preparing for an exciting homecoming week.  This past Friday, leadership students kicked off the week with an all-school assembly with class relays, spirit competitions, announcement of Homecoming court, and fall sport athletes.  The Noise Parade and class activities at Peden Field will take place on Wednesday, Sept 27th, with the football game and halftime events on Friday, Sept. 29th.  Homecoming week will be highlighted by our own Tiger alum, Justin Wilcox, returning to coach his Cal Bears against the Oregon Ducks.  The Pac-12 network plans to be on the JCHS campus this Thursday to do a feature story on Justin's high school roots, including interviews with Coach Mark Henderson, Craig Rothenberger, and former teammates. The network will run the story during the pregame this coming Saturday.

The staff worked collaboratively to revamp our Wednesday schedule.  Teacher Access is now in a separate time frame, allowing students to check in with teachers first thing in the morning.  TEAM period will be a class that focuses on mentorship with a special focus on college and career readiness.  We will also be re-introducing required community service hours for our sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  We will be providing ample opportunities for our students to give back to the JC community and strengthen our connections.  Our freshmen who participated in the Summer Bridge program will continue to work in the same TEAM with Liz Henderson.  Special thanks to Liz, as well as Chris and Liz Bolton for their work to develop career related lessons and activities throughout the school year.

Staff and students have embraced our emphasis on patience and flexibility, with the new building construction underway.  Our path between east and west wings has already been altered twice, and the student body has been great about walking longer distances.

Fall sports teams, including volleyball, football, cross country, and boys and girls soccer are now deep into Sky-Em league play.

Quick highlights in early October: Our Site Council meets on the 4th and we are very interested in adding new parents and community members, October 11th is PSAT Day, and Fall Conferences will be held on the evening of October 12th.

August 2017
Dina Marschall and Brian Young would like to thank the Tiger Club for an amazing kick-off event for the 2017-18 school year last Wednesday night.  The annual fall sports parent night was altered to include a new venue on Peden Field, and a BBQ for all JCHS students and parents.  Guests enjoyed entertainment by the JCHS cheerleaders, and were welcomed with introductions from each of the fall coaches.  We want JCHS to be deeply connected to our community, and this event highlighted that focus.

Last Friday afternoon, high school staff came back to work a day early for a welcoming "retreat" in the West Wing gym.  The afternoon activities included a catered lunch from Guaranty, a trivia game introducing our new administrators, and a debrief of staff feedback provided last June in a school-wide climate survey.  Staff reflected on individual leadership attributes and tendencies, and how these can strengthen or sometimes challenge our team.

We are excited to introduce the new JC online program.  Linda Jackson, CTE teacher, deserves significant praise for spearheading much of this work over the summer and helping to get our program up and running.  This will be a K-12 program, using both Odysseyware and Fuel Ed as curriculum options.  Students will be given opportunities for credit recovery, but also the potential for challenging courses outside of our building course offerings.  Of course, we will also be working with families who choose to have their student completely online, or choose a "hybrid" model of split time between online and classes in building.

We are excited to announce that Measure 98 funds will be used for the reintroduction of Agricultural Science classes, the Summer Bridge program for 24 freshmen who participated, new CTE and vocational opportunities for kids, and curriculum resources for our culinary arts program.

We are also re-introducing National Honor Society and striving to build more community service and connections for our students.  

Finally, special thanks to our entire staff for adjusting to a first day back without power.  Also, thanks to our custodians and Project Hope volunteers for helping to beautify our campus for student and staff return.  This will be a year of construction challenges, but we are looking forward to patience, flexibility, and hope, as we enjoy a year of exciting transitions at JCHS.

August 2017
JCHS Families - All are invited to our Tiger Pride BBQ & Fall Sports Night hosted by the Tiger Club!!

5:30pm Peden Field @ JCHS on Wednesday, August 23rd
All students and families are invited for the BBQ to start the event.

Fall Sports Night will take place following - JCHS athletes and parents are asked to stay.

Please bring blankets & chairs, as this will be a picnic style event to celebrate the kickoff of the school year!

June 2017
Dina Marschall and Brian Young will take over the administrative duties at JCHS as co-principals. Brian has been in the Junction City School District for the past seven years, the last five as the Principal at Oaklea Middle School. He worked his first two years at JCHS as the Assistant Principal, and taught Social Studies for 11 years at Roseburg High School. Dina has been the Principal at Territorial Elementary School for the past five years and previously served as a CTE teacher at Roseburg High School.

The ground work leading into the major construction project is under way and will continue until completion in the summer of 2018. When completed, most campus classroom and office functions will be included within a single building with a single point of entry. The 2017-18 school year will mark the final year of occupancy for the East Wing of JCHS. Please see the construction bond links on this page for more information.

JCHS is on a mission to model Readiness, Respect, and Resilience by example.
We intend to see every student graduate with ability to create opportunities and adapt to change.
We intend for our students to be mindful ambassadors for JCHS and the greater community.
We intend to give our community great reasons to be proud of its youth.


Students have the constitutional rights to free speech,
freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. We expect
that students exercise these rights in a non-disruptive and
peaceful way.

Yesterday, a group of student leaders informed school officials that they intended to participate in today's national day of immigration. The students were proactive and responsible for prearranging their absences and making arrangements to make up their work. Students were encouraged to discuss their plans with their families and secure their permission.

Our district is committed to safe, healthy and discrimination-free learning environments. Policies about student absences can be found in the student handbook. The District's nondiscrimination, anti-bullying and harassment policies and reporting procedures can be found in the district website at

Parents with questions pertaining to their own children are encouraged to contact school administration.
Last Friday (Feb 10), more than 40 students and 20
adults met to discuss the persistence of racist comments
on our campus since early November. The headline concern is
the enforcement of district policy against actions which create a “hostile educational environment including the psychological well-being of (a) student.” (JCSD Policy JFCF)

School administration, district administration, and members of the school board were among the adults in attendance, and all are resolved to improving the process for reporting and collecting detailed allegations of harassment, timely investigation and assignment of appropriate consequences, and ensuring that complainants receive feedback on their complaints that complies with Federal privacy laws.

The boundaries of proper conduct are described in District policy, the Student Code of Conduct, the District Student Handbook, and TSPC Standards for Competent and Ethical Performance of Oregon Educators (as found in Division 22 Standards, Oregon Department of Education).  All students, staff, visitors and volunteers must adhere to District policies regarding non-discrimination. Comments or actions that are racist, discriminatory, harassing or intimidating are strictly prohibited.  Anyone witnessing such conduct is expected to immediately make a report to school administration who are obligated to investigate and respond to substantiated reports.  Parties who have been found to engage in such conduct shall be subject to discipline, up to and including expulsion (for students), termination (for staff) or exclusion from school grounds or activities (for visitors and volunteers).

Formal complaint policies and forms for Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying against students are available by clicking HERE.

For complaints against staff, please visit this LINK.

If you are uncertain as to whether your concern should be filed as a formal complaint, please reach out to Principal Malcom McRae, Assistant Principal Steve Jones, a school counselor or trusted teacher for assistance.

Follow us on Twitter @JCHSTIGERS for upcoming events and news from the classroom.

November 2016
In response to the disruption of the JCHS learning environment following the general election, all signs,
symbols, and apparel related to the recent election cycle will continue to be restricted from all areas of Junction City High School's campus during regular school day hours (7:30am-3:30pm).

It is NOT OKAY to bring a pocket knife to school. There are no exceptions. The JCHS Student Handbook states: “A pocket knife that is inadvertently brought to school should be taken to the nearest office immediately and left with a school administrator and picked up at the end of the school day. Any pocket knife that is used or visible may be confiscated by any staff member. Confiscated items may be picked up at the end of the school day. Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action and the item being held by administration until picked up by a parent.“

The restriction goes beyond real pocket knives. “Replicas of … pocket knives are also prohibited by Board policy. Exceptions to the District’s replicas prohibition may be granted only with prior principal approval for certain curriculum or school related activities under this policy consistent with Junction City School Board Policy: JFCJ.”

Pocket knives with blades up to 3” or which fit in the palm of the hand are not exempt from these rules. The recent stabbing of five boys in the locker room of a Utah high school with a 3” knife adds to our resolve in ensuring the safety of JCHS students.  (November 15, 2016 in Orem, Utah

March 2016

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the front page story that ran in the Register-Guard on Sunday, March 6, 2016:

Final exams will be conducted this Monday and Tuesday, March 14-15. For the bell schedule, please refer to the Student Announcements link at the left side of this page.

Teachers will be completing trimester grading on Wednesday, March 16. Teachers will have professional activities on March 17, and JCHS will not be in session March 18 heading into Spring Break (March 21-25).

The third trimester will begin on Monday, March 28, 2016.

Spring athletics are under way with JCHS student-athletes competing in track & field, tennis, golf, softball, and baseball Please check the “Athletics” link on the left side of this page for schedules and to sign up for notifications when contests are changed due to weather.

January 22, 2016
State Assessments are coming soon…
Starting February 23, 2016 Junction City High School students will begin the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS) in Science. Third year high school students (junior class) are expected to participate in the assessment unless they met the assessment in their first or second year. Assessments in English Language Arts and Math will begin (for third year students only) in early April and will be completed in May.

These assessments are intended to ensure that all students demonstrate the academic knowledge and skills necessary for success beyond high school and are part of each student’s graduation requirements. The tests are not timed so your child may take as long as he or she needs to fully demonstrate what he or she knows and can do.

Description of Rights
House Bill 2655 permits parents and adult students to annually opt-out of Oregon’s statewide summative tests in English Language Arts and Math by submitting an opt-out form to the school the student attends.  We shall provide any student who is exempted from a state test with supervised study time while other students are testing. The opt-out form can be found on the Junction City District website

January 7, 2016
Progress Reports will be published and distributed at Parent-Teacher Conferences on January 21, 2016 between 4:30-7:30pm in the cafeteria. Please plan on a brief, 3-5 minute semi-private conversation with your child’s teachers. For those who wish for more time or more private conversations, we encourage making an appointment with the individual teacher.

For those who cannot attend, Progress Reports will be mailed the following day. You can send teachers a direct email using the STAFF DIRECTORY link at the left side of this page.

Students thrive and attendance improves when they are engaged in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Check out the Student Announcements link on the left side of this page to see what’s going on at JCHS and ask any staff member about how to get involved.

November 30, 2015
Final exams will be conducted this Thursday and Friday, December 3-4. For the bell schedule, please refer to the Student Announcements link at the left side of this page.

Teachers will be completing trimester grading on Monday, December 7, 2015. Report cards will be sent by Friday, December 11, 2015. On December 8, teachers will be involved in professional activities, and the second trimester will begin on Wednesday, December 9.

Winter athletics are under way with JCHS student-athletes competing in basketball, wrestling, and swimming. Robotics is well underway, and chess will begin defending its 4A state championship soon. Please check the “Athletics” link on the left side of this page for current schedules.

JCHS is on a mission to model Readiness, Respect, and Resilience by example.
We intend to see every student graduate with ability to create opportunities and adapt to change.
We intend for our students to be mindful ambassadors for JCHS and the greater community.
We intend to give our community great reasons to be proud of its youth.

September 14, 2015
Our first Early Release will occur on Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 1:30pm. Students will be dismissed at that time, and staff will participate in professional development activities. Future dates are located in the “Bell Schedules” link on the left side of this page.

Juniors (Class of 2017) – You are encouraged to take the upcoming PSAT test, and there are two significant reasons to do so. 1) Meeting minimum scores help you meet the Essential Skill graduation requirements for Math and Reading, which takes the pressure off of your Smarter Balanced Assessments later this year and reduces your obligation to provider alternate assessment work samples. 2) The cost of the PSAT is only $15, that’s a significant reduction from the $50 fee for the full SAT exam. Talk to your Advisory TEAM Teacher by Sept. 16 to reserve your space.

Sophomores (Class of 2018) are required by the State of Oregon to take the PSAT. Those tests will be paid by the State.

Please check the “Athletics” link on the left side of this page for current schedules.