Principal's Corner

Co-Principals: Brian Young & Dina Marschall
November 2018
During this Thanksgiving season, the JCHS staff is thankful for the opportunity to work with our kids and families, as well as a supportive school Board and District leadership team. With many exciting changes at the high school and the new addition opening in January, we have lots to be thankful for.
 On that note, the collaboration space in the remodeled West Wing is now open, and the Youth Transition Program students will be working with their advisor, Vassa Motes, to open up the new JCHS Coffee shop and Student Store. Students and staff are making full use of the new computer labs in the old media center as well. Staff had an opportunity to tour the new building a few weeks ago and it is absolutely beautiful. We will be having some Open House opportunities for parents and community members once the new addition is completed.
The administrative team met with a consultant group this month to begin preparation for our Accreditation Visit coming up in April. We are looking forward to showing the evaluation group the positive work being done to support JCHS students. 
Our journalism students traveled to Chicago earlier this month with Ms. Bandow and Ms. Henderson. Over 6000 student journalists were in attendance! We put our kids in competitions against the best high school journalists in the country and our students came away with feedback and some really helpful critiques. Congratulations to Kamryn Potter who came home with an Honorable Mention Award in Portrait Photography. The group made the most of their time in Chicago and enjoyed visiting multiple museums, including the Chicago Art Institute, and also visited the Zoo.  Our students behaved wonderfully and represented the district very well. 
The JCHS Drama team put on the play "Alice vs. Wonderland" earlier this month; it has been great to get that program back up and running, thanks in large part to drama teacher, Liz Henderson. Our music instructor, Tabitha Shepherd is significantly increasing the numbers in her choir  and  band  programs,  and  these  students  held  an  excellent  concert  this  past  week. 
Close to 15 students were honored, with their parents present, at this trimester's Breakfast of Champions. This is a wonderful tradition where staff can recognize students for being amazing contributors at our high school in a variety of ways that may not typically bring the recognition students deserve. 
Last week, we held a school-wide "JCHS Gives Back" assembly where we reviewed volunteer/community service requirements for graduation, and had several community groups present to talk about options students have to serve.  The assembly featured guests from the Moose Lodge, Lion's Club, First  Baptist Church, Habitat for  Humanity, Ophelia's Place, the Soroptimists, Junction City Youth Athletics, and the Scandinavian Festival. Toward the end, students   had   the   opportunity   to   visit   with   the   groups   and   sign   up   for   service. 
Our JCHS Volleyball team qualified for the State quarterfinals, and over 60 students traveled on the rooter bus to see the team finish in the Elite 8 for the first time in years. Winter sports are now underway. 
In December, we are planning on working with Ophelia's Place and SASS (Sexual Assault Support Services) to provide some very important information to our students on topics such as healthy relationships and consent, and to meet Erin's Law requirements. Our 9th and 10th graders will be working with Ophelia's Place, and our older students with SASS. Parents will be receiving information on what we will be covering, and we encourage them to call us with any and all questions they may have. 
This month, we will review lockdown procedures with staff, as well as evacuation protocols. We held a lockdown drill last week, and worked with Sgt Hughes from JCPD, and our District Safety Officer, Ken Jackson to gain insight and feedback. We are looking forward to having a much more secured campus when our new building is completed. We will be working on changing the culture at JCHS when it comes to students coming and going only through the main entrance, and securing our perimeter doors. Thanks cannot be expressed enough for our community's support of the Bond and the construction of a high school that will be something we can all be proud of.